I will make this short and sweet. Even while social distancing, I am at high risk if I contract COVID-19.

About 5 years ago, I was diagnosed with double, multi-focal pneumonia - double meaning both lungs, multi-focal, meaning both lobes. It is such a rare thing to see in a 20-something year old, that they thought I had an autoimmune disease (I don’t).

Apart from permanent damage to my lung system, I am also at risk due to my weight and high blood pressure (thanks brain!).

From joining this community ten years ago, it was instilled into me that the Open Source community is integral to almost all macadmins.

Starting today, I have moved my three most popular tools to the MacAdmins GitHub organization:

I encourage others to do the same and if there are any other personal repos people would like me to move over, I’m happy to do so.

Final Thoughts

These tools aren’t “my” tools, they are “our” tools. I could care less if my name is attached to them.

But should something unfortunate happen to me, I’d feel much more at peace knowing people could continue to use and support these tools than try and figure out how to fork it.

So no need to worry… at least not until Apple-19 hits, and we can only use MDM anyway. :)

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